« Italian Car Passion » - already 23.000 satisfied visitors04/01/2016


By new year’s day the exhibition 'Italian Car Passion, la bella macchina', which has been running for a month already at Autoworld, had clocked up over 23,000 visitors, who were able to enjoy wandering the streets and across the square of a small Italian village whilst admiring almost 60 of the most stunning Italian cars from the past and present.  

The exhibition is on until the end of January. The scenery will then be dismantled and the exceptional and extremely rare and elegant racing cars will be returned to their respective owners.  

This means that you have less than a month to visit the exhibition, which has already had such positive reviews!  

The exhibition is open every day between 10 am and 5 pm (until 6 pm at the weekend). So there’s absolutely no reason to miss out!  

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