Major exposition: American Dream Cars & Bikes 15/12/2017 > 28/01/2018

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‘American Dream Cars & Bikes, the Golden Years’ is sure to be one of Brussels’ main exhibitions this winter. We’re doing what it takes! And for that, we can rely on out title sponsor, Ford! Henry Ford… you know? “The man who put the world on wheels”?

Everything was possible on the America scene of the ‘50s and ‘60s. The exhibition at Autoworld will relive that American automobile era in all its splendour, when constructors rivalled for imagination and at times … eccentricity. Increasingly life organised itself around the road and cars, and in the ‘60s we see the birth of a new way of life with the ‘drive in’ both with the fast-food eateries and the cinema. This exhibition fully portrays this unique atmosphere. Just think of those films such as Grease or American Graffiti… and dream on …

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